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NuSep Pre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker (10-250kDa)

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NuSep's Pre-stained Molecular Marker contains 11 types of highly purified and pre-stained recombinant proteins, ranging in size from 10kDa to 250kDa. These proteins serve as a molecular weight standard in SDS-PAGE and Western blotting experiments, helping researchers identify and measure the size of other proteins in their samples by comparison. Prepared in a 1x SDS-PAGE sample buffer, allowing for direct use without the need for boiling, dilution, or the addition of reducing agents. This simplifies the experimental process and saves valuable time in the lab.

Product Specifications:

  • 2 vials (250 ul each): able to load 100 lanes, 5 ul/lane
  • Number of Bands: 11
  • Product Type: Protein Molecular Weight Standard
  • Size Range: 10-250kD
  • Color Types: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Molecular Weights: 10/15/20/25 (Green)/30/40/50/72 (Orange)/100/130/250kDa

Key Features:

  • Offers consistent apparent molecular weight for blue and green bands in different buffer systems (Tris-Glycine, Bis-Tris, Tris-Acetate) used in SDS-PAGE.
  • The orange (or red) band changes consistently with imported products, ensuring reliable results.

The Pre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker is an essential tool for any lab conducting protein research, offering a reliable, easy-to-use standard for protein size determination.


NuSep Pre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker (10-250kDa)