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Read: Global supply chain announcement regarding nuview gels 11/1

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Technical Information

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NuSep provides a range of cassettes to suit your needs - no need to replace your current tank! 

NB cassettes (10cm wide X 8.5cm high) will fit in all Bio-Rad™ Mini-Protean™ tanks (including tetra and dodeca cells).

NN cassettes (10cm wide X 10cm high) will fit in the Invitrogen™ X-Cell Sure-Lock™ gel apparatus.

NG cassettes (10cm wide X 8.0cm high) fit in all other 10cm tanks:
•  VWR Tanks
•  GradiGel Mini 4 -Cell
•  EC 4- Cell
•  Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 280)
•  Hoefer Mighty Small II (SE 260/SE 250)
•  Hoefer Mini VE
•  Daiichi Mini 2-Gel & 6-Gel
•  Owl Road Runner, Penguin
•  Invitrogen™ Novex® XCell I and II and SureLock™
•  Bio-Rad® Mini-PROTEAN® II & 3
•  Owl Single Sided Vertical System
•  Shelton IBI protein system


Running Buffers (10x)

Running Buffer Recipe for Tris-HEPES-SDS, Tris-Glycine-SDS, and Tris-Tricine-SDS | NuSep

TruSep sample buffer (2x, 10 mL, no reducing agent)

Buffer Component | NuSep


Western Blotting Protocol - compares semi-dry blotting and wet-blotting | NuSep

*Standard Tris-Glycine can be used. Protocol may need to be optimised. 



All proteins stains are compatible with nUView precast gels, including:

•  Coomassie blue
•  Silver and copper stains
•  Fluorescent stains


A range of buffers can be used with nUView precast gels. Each buffer produces different migration patterns. 

•  Tris-Glycine (available from NuSep) 

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