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Read: Global supply chain announcement regarding nuview gels 11/1

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About NuSep

The NuSep Advantage

We are a small company dedicated to producing high quality lab supplies designed for protein discovery. Our focus on protein discovery helps us incorporate leading technology into our products to delivery the best to our customers. We strive to help our customers excel in their fields and to aid them in their research.

Our best-selling product is the nUView Tris-Glycine Precast Gel which contains NuSep's patented solid gel well technology to diminish the chance of distorted precast gel wells. This also allows us to remove the combs prior to shipping the precast gels to our customers. We are willing to take the extra time and effort to provide our customers with the best service and ensure a quality experience. 

Best Precast Gel on the Market - fast run time, long storage life, fits your tank, and easy to use

NuSep's History

Nusep provides lab research products and services to the global life science market. With a 30-year heritage in biological separations, Nusep has built a world-class reputation for its innovative yet simple biological separation techniques.

Nusep currently manufactures, distributes and sells up to 55 products to customers worldwide. Our vision is to expand within the biotechnology and life sciences industry and cover an entire product line to serve protein discovery research. We hope to provide our customers with greater value and become a one-stop shopping destination for protein discovery. Our goal is to become a leading innovator in the life science market.

NuSep Protein Discovery Pipeline - Chromatography, Electrophoresis, and Imaging

Our motto: Aim, Innovate, Motivate.

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