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Read: Global supply chain announcement regarding nuview gels 11/1

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nUView Precast Gel Supply Optimization

Effective as of November 1st, 2022:

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, our supply chains have been faced with many challenges in acquiring the materials necessary for production which has resulted in production halts and longer than expected delivery times. In addition, inflated logistics has also affected our ability to adequately meet customer expectations. In order to fix these issues, we are announcing the optimization of our nUView gel portfolios to improve deliverability and meet demand.

One of the main changes will be the substitutions made for 10 well models. With this, orders placed for out of stock 10 well models will be substituted with 12 well models if available. For example: order #NB10-008, substitution will be #NB12-008 if #NB10-008 is out of stock. 

Gel Type Gel Con. 10 Wells 12 Wells 15 Wells 17 Wells
Fit BioRad
Mini Protean Tetra
8% NB10-008 NB12-008 NB17-008
10% NB10-010 NB12-010 NB17-010
12% NB10-012 NB12-012 NB17-012
8-16% NB10-816 NB12-816 NB17-816
4-20% NB10-420 NB12-420 NB17-420
Fit Thermo
Xcell SureLock
8% NN10-008 NN12-008 NN17-008
10% NN10-010 NN12-010 NN17-010
12% NN10-012 NN12-012 NN17-012
8-16% NN10-816 NN12-816 NN17-816
4-20% NN10-420 NN12-420 NN17-420
Fit Hoefer/Cytiva
Mighty Small
8% NG10-008 NG12-008 NG15-008
10% NG10-010 NG12-010 NG15-010
12% NG10-012 NG12-012 NG15-012
8-16% NG10-816 NG12-816 NG15-816
4-20% NG10-420 NG12-420 NG15-420


In the mean time, we'll continue to take orders for (15/17 wells) as an on-demand basis. In addition, we are planning to provide special OEM manufacturing for ongoing service and support for customized formulations. 

We appreciate and value the relationships we've built in the life science community and look forward to continuing to support the needs of those we serve. While we regret the inconvenience that this reduction in our product lines may cause, we are hopeful that we can continue to meet expectations with our best-in-class solutions.



NuSep Inc. Biotech Global Supply Team

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Last update: 11/3/2022

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