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Read: Global supply chain announcement regarding nuview gels 11/1

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Do you sell gradient precast gels? 


•  8-16% for mid-range separations
•  4-20% for wide-range separations


Do I have to buy a new tank?

No. NuSep precast gels are compatible with most popular mini-gel tanks, including Bio-Rad and Thermo Fisher tanks.

Do they have a stacker gel?

All the precast gels have a 4% stacking gel.

Do they contain SDS?

No, the precast gels do not contain SDS (SDS is incorporated in the running buffer solution). The precast gels can be used for native runs. 


Can I use reducing agent?

NuSep precast gels and sample buffer do not contain reducing agents. They can be added to a sample prior to loading. Beta-mercaptoethanol and DTT are both suitable for use with our gels. See Running formulations. 

What is the gel thickness?


Can the gels be dried?

Yes. NuSep precast gels must be air dried. Use of vacuum drying results in cracking. NuSep gels can only be dried crack-free with NuSep Gel Drying Solution. All other drying solutions will cause cracking. A recommended precast gel drying protocol can be found on the NuSep website.

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